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Tarleton Events is a full-service boutique event design and management firm producing unforgettable, highly-private, destination luxury corporate, social and philanthropic experiences nationwide. Founded by longtime hospitality & event industry maven, Alexandra Tarleton Mirante, Tarleton conceptualizes, designs and curates a highly-unique, intentional environment for its clientele and their guests and produces each aspect of the event with detailed precision and grace. Tarleton's events always exude our signature understated elegance, an inviting atmosphere that lends itself to deep connection amongst guests, and memorable high-touch elements that are thoughtfully woven in, to make your mark.  



We genuinely value personal connection, and it is this passion that drives us to craft highly bespoke occasions. Guests will never forget how you make them feel, and we believe that opportunity to be an absolute privilege.

No event is ever the same, because no client or guest is - or is treated as - the same. Each environment is highly-curated to become a unique atmosphere for guests to experience and revel in.

Creating moments in time for people to share an experience together, ones that make an indelible mark on their memories, is our absolute joy.

Tarleton considers all clients to be collaborative partnerships that evolve over the planning process. In many cases, these partnerships span multiple events over multiple years; rarely are they “one-off” relationships.

Guided by an unwavering attention to detail and genuine appreciation for delivering and exemplifying true hospitality, working with us is to work with a team that thoughtfully composes each aspect of your event and then produces it with the same care we would if it were our special occasion in our own home. 

By treating the process as an ever-developing one, evolving over weeks, months, or years, it allows the Tarleton team and client the time for an authentic and important connection. It is in this connection that we are able to truly understand a client’s needs, inspirations, personality, and goals — which leads to our best work.

We contemplate and analyze every aspect of your event: from your perspective, the guests', and vendors', in order to create a seamless production for all. As a destination planner, Tarleton has executed many events in challenging circumstances - where high-profile guests, complex transportation logistics, remote locales, unyielding climates, and other factors must be carefully considered. Our organizational and production systems are unmatched, having been honed by vast experience producing a wide array of events. 
Tarleton takes on a select amount of projects per year, so that our full attention and creativity can be given appropriately to each endeavor.


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